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What to Know About Bee Keeping.

Nothing would be more satisfying than making and enjoying your own honey . Bee keeping is a hobby for some and a serious business for others. Honey production is done by the worker bee in the colony. Worker bees begin by making combs as areas where they will bring up the young ones and also as honey storage units. Pollination takes place when the bees go from flower to flower collecting nectar and pass pollen grains in the process. The nectar in different flowers will have different substances in them that makes them very beneficial to the human health who use honey. The bees produce enzymes that turn sucrose into glucose and fructose to make the honey.

A second enzyme comes to play where a small amount of the glucose is converted into hydrogen peroxide and gluconic acid. The gluconic acid makes the honey resistant to fungi , mold and any other type of bacteria. The hydrogen peroxide on the other hand provides the honey with short term protection against organisms as the honey ripens . Different jars of honey will have different colors and tastes , this will be because the nectar influences both color and taste. Some people will have preference to certain colors of honey but the color of the honey does not influence the quality.

Bee keeping as a business can become very profitable if approached in the right way. It’s important to know that bee keeping is not only for honey, you stand to make money from different products of the bee keeping. You can sell pollination services to farmers stress free but with good marketing, all you have to do is present your hives and let the bees do the rest. The honey combs and wax still have a lot of applications in different products and this means there is a gap for you to fill with your product.

If you are a full time bee keeper , fact is that you will take some time to build and establish the business but when you set up some roots you get to enjoy the effort. Bee keeping does not requires acres of land or expansive hives making the business easier to run and commit to as well. In bee keeping you will not be engaged much physically, it’s one of the reasons why people take it as a hobby. There are different types of bee keepers depending on how they take the venture. You are either a hobby bee keeper , a sideliner bee keeper and lastly a commercial bee keeper.