An Introduction to Pond Fountains

Pond fountains provide property owners with an aesthetically pleasing option for keeping their water features well-aerated. This is essential not just for leaving a good impression on guests but also for maintaining a healthy ecosystem within the pond so that fish and beneficial plants can thrive. Read on to find out a little bit more about pond fountains before deciding on a style.

Decorative Pond Fountains

High-quality decorative pond fountains come with multiple interchangeable spray nozzles so that property owners can choose what spray patterns they want to use. The Kasco J series is one popular line of decorative fountains that provide a good deal of versatility and use only high-quality equipment. This allows property owners to continue making use of their pond fountains for longer without having to worry about repairs.

Aeration Pond Fountains

Decorative pond fountains do provide aeration, but not as much as those that have been designed specifically with this purpose in mind. Aeration pond fountains operate at a higher GPM, which allows more water to circulate through them and introduces more oxygen into the pond. They don’t typically feature adjustable spray nozzles, though, which does decrease how much property owners can customize their pond fountains.

Aeration pond fountains like the Kasco VFX feature an umbrella or “V” pattern. They’re perfect for larger water features that are prominently displayed on commercial or public properties, as they do still provide a good deal of aesthetic improvement without sacrificing adequate aeration for these larger ponds.

Commercial VS Residential Pond Fountains

Commercial pond fountains are often featured prominently in the landscaping of golf courses, country clubs, upscale hotels, and corporate headquarters. They are typically larger than residential pond fountains, which tend to be found in neighborhood developments or on exceptionally luxurious private properties. Installing a pond fountain can turn an otherwise unsightly stormwater runoff pond into a beautiful landscape feature that can even support aquatic plants and animals.

How to Choose a Fountain

The best way to decide what type of pond fountain to buy is to read some pond equipment reviews from a trusted source. Thankfully, the internet makes it easy for property owners to do their research prior to making a purchase.