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Guidance on How to Manage a Solo Camp as a Lady.

A camping event is an exciting activity of building memories. Most importantly when you are alone. In this way, there is nothing to interfere with your thoughts in nature.

However, for a lady, solo camping is discouraged by many. A majority of individuals fail to understand how a lady will face the wilderness unaccompanied. To them, you’d rather find a strong man to lean on and ward off the straying bears. Nonetheless, people are still finding solo camping to be a novelty, especially when you’ll be in a hotel. But then, if you speak of camping at an outdoor space, then you will be met with much disapproval than you can imagine. In truth, most of the contentions that you will come across will be illogical. For example, regardless of being a man or woman you will still need o struggle to deal with a bear. However, it is also important to be realistic, and note that some of these arguments will still make sense. And some include.

First, you won’t be protected, Though the bear argument may not make sense. Even by overlooking the bear story, your security in the wilderness is fundamental. To be realistic, by staying in a hotel you are much safer. This is because you may leave your details at the hotel and will always be in towns and cities. Whereas, when you are alone in the wilderness, this may not be the case. Most common risks may include; will animals or opportunists who may spot an unaccompanied stranger. For this reason, it is important to keep in touch with your family at all times and update them on your progress. You may also want to befriend locals and remain strolling in the open places closest to the housings.

Another challenge that you will face is getting to carry everything alone. This is something that you will get to hear when planning your camping event. This is not mentioned to favour any gender, this is because, irrespective of being a man of a woman , the act of carrying all your camping gear and resources by yourself may be challenging. And most people ten to deal with this problem by avoiding to carry specific apparatus which are effective for their safety. It is rather advisable to go for lightweight alternatives. You may, for example, pick a fold-able one person tent that is easy to carry. Likewise, a portable gazebo, will make the best option as it is light and viable. The important thing is to weigh everything before setting out for the camp.

Most people will tell you that you will not be safe after dark. Camping at night is problematic. This is even dangerous when it is cold. For quality protection, sleep at night.